Clarity in the Classroom Using Formative Assessment

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Clarity in the Classroom Using Formative Assessment

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Supporting students to be confident and enthusiastic learners is of primary concern for teachers to day. We all want students who have high expectations of themselves as learners; students who feel confident about their capacity to learn, who set goals for their learning, and who are able to construct enjoyable and challenging learning pathways for themselves. Using practical examples, Clarity in the Classroom describes an evidence-based, reflective approach, which will enable teachers to help their students achieve to the highest levels. It is about

  • the nature of student learning
  • the nature of student/teacher relationship needed to sustain that learning
  • the skills that teachers need to develop in order to support students
  • the skills that students need to learn in order to learn best.

With an empahsis on ‘assessment for learning’ principles, and the partnerships that evolve out of well-developed learning-focused relationships, Clarity in the Classroom provides busy teachers with key strategies and easy-to-use techniques for developing effective and meaningful classroom practices. It is an essential resource for all teachers.

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