Coaching Leadership (2nd Ed) Building educational leadership capacity through partnership

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Coaching Leadership (2nd Ed) Building educational leadership capacity through partnership

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Key words: coaching leadership capacity
Jan Robertson


Coaching Leadership is about building leadership capacity in individuals, and in institutions, through enhancing professional relationships. It is based on the importance of maximising potential, and harnessing the ongoing commitment and energy needed to meet personal and professional goals.

This book is for anyone interested in developing leadership—their own and others. It is for school leaders wanting to reflect on their own leadership, those working in professional development, and teachers thinking about how they can more effectively facilitate learning. It aims to get educators working with each other as coaches and mentors, creating deep learning relationships within professional practice.

Jan Robertson is a world leader in the field of leadership coaching and this book draws on more than two decades of research and practice. She is passionate about developing leaders who see themselves as leaders and leaders of learning.

This second edition contains:

  • new case studies
  • new thought leadership
  • new research
  • new coaching tools.

Since the first edition was published in 2005, the isolation felt by education leaders has not diminished. Leaders need access to collegial collaboration and shared problem solving if they are to tackle the important educational issues and grow as reflective leaders of learning. This book provides the evidence, principles and skills needed to develop leadership skills for individuals and across institutions.

Jan Robertson is an international leadership consultant, a senior researcher for the Institute of Professional Learning at the University of Waikato, an Adjunct Professor at Griffiths University and the academic director of the New Zealand Aspiring Principals’ programme. She draws her professional inspiration and energy from the sustainable lifestyle of her Waiheke community.

“In this edition of Coaching Leadership, Jan Robertson has gone deeper and added details and examples that make the book even better. It is accessible, informative and provides a model not only for thinking about coaching but a process for actually becoming a good coach and mentor in a reciprocal relationship. A must read for school leadersformal and informal.” 

Dr Lorna  Earl, Toronto

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