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Power Up Your Learning Network to Move Your School Forward

Discover the benefits of learning networks and the ways positive relationships can enhance learning for all students, teachers and leaders.

We’re in the midst of an exciting time in education as schools are adjusting their trajectory to ensure they’re future-ready. Educators are infusing creative programs and innovative teaching practices to move our schools forward. This book encourages school leaders to consider strategies to leverage innovation in their schools, including the development of meaningful professional learning through educational networks.

This book includes:

  • Stories of leaders in the field who are demonstrating the innovative leadership needed to move their school systems forward.
  • Discussion of the four pathways to connected learning with examples from educators who are improving instruction through a connected network.
  • Exploration of the ways technology can be leveraged to maximize learning, including connecting learners across boundaries, creating open lines of communication, establishing a platform for idea sharing and incorporating innovation within all professional learning opportunities.
  • A vision for implementing the ideas discussed in the book along with practical action steps.

Through the effective use of learning networks, every part of the school community is empowered to lead change in their schools, maximizing learning for students and magnifying collaboration and innovation for educators.

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