Cracked Open – A Teacher’s Battle with Perfection

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Cracked Open – A Teacher’s Battle with Perfection

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Over a decade of teaching primary school children Aimee has seen and experienced it all. This book is her own personal journey from a fresh-faced newbie teacher to a seasoned educator who is now guiding others to navigate some of the potholes that can come along the way. Hard hitting topics of burnout, compassion fatigue and negative self-talk are threaded through her heart-breaking miscarriages, the challenges of teaching while being a new Mum and the unprecedented circumstances of COVID 19.

It is raw, vulnerable and a must-read for those trying to “do-it-all” while constantly feeling like they are coming up short. All women will find themselves in a part of Aimee’s story and more importantly some simple actions to start implementing into your life right now.

What people are saying :

“It’s the perfect time to read it, and you’re speaking to my soul! Thank you so much for being so generous with your time, energy and insight. This is a very needed story and I feel blessed to be reading it”

“I feel like you’re writing about me…So many of us have the same experiences and need help navigating forwards. I have recommended this book to the beginning teacher I am mentoring.”

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