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Educating with Passion & Purpose

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In an era of sky-high burnout, Educating with Passion and Purpose gives veteran educators everything they need to thrive in their profession. This book will help you avoid the disenchantment and frustration that can come from doing the difficult work of K-12 education. You are in this field because you want to make a difference, but you often lack the support you need to do that amid overwhelming demands. Experienced educators themselves, authors Meredith Matson and Rebekah Shoaf speak the truth about what today’s teachers confront—and how you can navigate the changing landscape to face the challenges and opportunities we encounter.

Inside, you’ll find frequent opportunities for self-reflection on the topics that matter most to educators, including race, privilege, wellbeing, mentorship, and how to rise to the social–emotional demands that teaching asks. At a time when many teachers are leaving the field within the first years of their careers, Educating with Passion and Purpose offers you a way forward, so you can nurture your students and professional self.

  • Gain perspective on why you teach and what matters most to you in your career
  • Explore how race and identity impact interactions in your classroom
  • Learn practical strategies for protecting your social and emotional energy and seeking help
  • Find a new sense of inspiration in your teaching practice with hands-on activities and tools

This book is perfect for educators with three or more years of experience. It also offers crucial insights for pre-service educators, staff developers, and experienced teachers looking for ways to avoid career burnout and other pitfalls traditional teacher-training programs did not prepare them.

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