Educator Wellness

Educator Wellness

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A Guide for Supporting Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social Well- Being

Educator and teacher wellness is a personal journey. And like all journeys, there are starts, stops and bumps in the road. The question becomes, how do we bring our best selves to our students and colleagues each day? Designed as a reflective journal and guidebook, Educator wellness by Timothy D Kanold and Tina H Boogren will take you on a deep exploration where you will uncover profound answers that ring true for you.

Rely on this book of ideas for self-care for educators and develop ongoing habits for wellness:

  • Use this resource on your own or as a book study to guide staff through a reflective, goal-setting process.
  • Observe the importance of self-care for teachers and other educators and how a commitment to daily self-care and well-being leads to a more fulfilling, successful life in and outside of the school setting.
  • Review the four dimensions of educator self-care and wellness – (1) physical, (2) mental, (3) emotional and (4) social – and 12 corresponding routines.
  • Explore self-care activities for teachers and educators to sustain well-being in the face of workplace overload and potential burnout.
  • Use the My Wellness Action journaling spaces designed to encourage thoughtful reflection to wellness and self-care plans for teachers and educators.
  • Learn how to monitor your self-care progress and design an actionable wellness plan for next steps.
  • View videos that highlight the authors’ personal experiences with the four dimensions of educator or teacher well-being.
  • Access the Educator Wellness – Rating, Reflecting, Planning, and Goal-Setting protocol.
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