Empowering Teacher Leadership

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Empowering Teacher Leadership

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Strategies and Systems to Realize Your School’s Potential

This book explores how school leaders-both formal and informal-can create a supportive culture that leverages teamwork and empowers teachers to become leaders. By focusing on three foundational principles-empowerment, collegiality, and risk taking-schools can develop and enhance educators’ capacity for success. With this practical resource, you will learn intentional and actionable strategies that empower participation in leadership at all levels through peer observation and team action planning. The book’s chapters explore how to create systems that support trusting relationships, inspire distributed leadership, provide a vehicle for teachers to learn from each other and take risks, and develop informal and formal teacher leaders. This book provides a positive and proactive approach to collaborative school leadership that will invigorate your school community to work together more effectively for improved student outcomes. Rich reflection questions in each chapter help readers conceptualize the information presented and take actionable steps toward improvement


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