Explaining Reading: A resource for teacher concepts skills & strategies (3rd ed)

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Key words: reading strategies vocabulary comprehension
Gerald Duffy


This bestselling teacher resource and widely adopted text demonstrates the “whats,” “whys,” and “how-tos” of explicit reading instruction for struggling K–8 learners. The book describes 23 skills and strategies associated with vocabulary, comprehension, word recognition, and fluency. Ways to explain each skill or strategy are illustrated in real-world examples that teachers can use as starting points for their own lessons. Retaining the straight-talking style that made the prior edition so popular, the second edition has been revised and updated to reflect reader feedback and the latest research. New to This Edition * Incorporates important new research on vocabulary and comprehension. * Stronger emphasis on embedding instruction in authentic reading experiences. * A chapter on teaching “big-picture” ideas about the importance of reading. * Revised teaching examples are even more thorough and teacher friendly. KEY FEATURES: – A much-loved K–8 resource updated with 20% new material, including a new chapter. – Features numerous concrete examples and new, handy reminder boxes. – Updates are based on reader feedback and the latest research. – Straight-talking style makes the book practical and teacher friendly.

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