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Fear is the Mind Killer

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The Case for teaching Learning Skills

For the last eight years, James and Kate have been working together to design, implement and evaluate a whole-school, evidence-informed approach to teaching and learning known as Learning Skills. An eight-year study with the University of Cambridge revealed that Learning Skills led to significant gains in subject learning, with rapid gains among students from disadvantaged backgrounds.In this practical guide for teachers and school leaders, James and Kate reveal a recipe for success rooted in three key concepts: metacognition (reflecting on learning); self-regulation (taking ownership over the learning process); and oracy (developing high-quality speaking and listening skills).

This is a book about what happened when a small team of teachers seized an opportunity to provide their students with the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to take control of their own learning. This journey began with a question: how and what would we teach, if there was no one watching?

On the other side of fear is the teacher you want to be, and the children you’d like to teach…

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