Future Schools

Future Schools

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Keywords : Valerie Hannon , Julie Timperley

change, disruption


How Schools Around the World are Applying Learning Design Principles for a New Era

What will the schools of the future look like? What will guide their design, and what is happening now to create them? As we enter the age of disruption and hyperchange, it has become increasingly clear that our education systems are not adequate to the task of enabling young people to thrive in a very different future.

FutureSchool offers system leaders, principals, and teachers research-based design principles upon which the evolution of schools might be based. Shaped by an awareness of changing economies, technology, and the climate emergency, it suggests specific ways that leaders can address the challenges of moving forward, grasping the opportunities presented by the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. Presenting six ‘archetypes for the future’ – key missions that are central to the future of humanity – it offers inspiring examples of practice that are not just theoretical but well-advanced in schools across the world, practice that is grounded in principles that are central to a new learning paradigm.

This book offers an answer and presents a vision that is engaging, inspiring, and intent on enabling success for all learners. This book will provide inspiration and practical guidance for leaders, teachers, and parents who want to see schools rapidly evolve to become the institutions we really need.

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