How to Be a Peaceful School

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How to Be a Peaceful School

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Practical Ideas & Inspiration

Peace is needed now more than ever in schools, by pupils and teachers alike. This inspiring guide provides primary, secondary and special schools with practical methods to improve pupil and teacher wellbeing, combat bullying, and promote peace both inside and outside the school gates.    The founder of the Peaceful Schools Movement, Anna Lubelska, has brought together ideas and stories from teachers and charity workers to present a simple four step system for promoting positive peace in individuals, relationships, the school community and the world. It covers how to reduce stress, promote positive mental health, resolve conflict, nurture the potential of each individual, and encourage children to develop peacemaking skills and values. This holistic resource is equally beneficial for children and staff, and transforms school environments for the better. Market: Head teachers, senior management, teachers and care staff at primary, secondary and special schools; charities and organisations working with schools.

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