If You Don’t Feed the Students, They Starve

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If You Don’t Feed the Students, They Starve

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Improving Attitude and Achievement through Positive Relationships

Award-winning teacher Neila A. Connors shares her secrets for creating positive classroom relationships

From the author of the best-selling If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Eat the Students, comes an innovative resource for all who work with pre-K through 12th grade students. Neila Connors presents a wealth of strategies and techniques to help teachers develop, maintain, and sustain positive student relationships. If You Don’t Feed the Students offers practical, commonsense methods for improving classroom performance, served up in an engaging and entertaining manner.

  • Unique, classroom tested strategies for validating all students to help them succeed in the classroom
  • Proven approaches that will benefit teachers, student teachers, and school administrators alike

In this fun, must-have resource, Connors reveals how empowering students creates a climate of care and compassion and improves everyone’s attitudes and achievement.

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