Lead with Truth

Lead with Truth

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How to Make a Difference in Your School, Your Life and the Lives of Your Students.

The sacrificial nature of juggling instructional, operational, managerial, and collegial goals often leaves school leaders feeling so desperate to resolve conflicts that they lose self, abandoning their core values and forgetting their “why.” In this timely and impactful resource, author and professor “Dr. O” draws on her own leadership journey- a journey where she remained true to her beliefs and commitment to serve BIPOC communities, even when that meant choosing the road less traveled–offering nine anchor principles to help guide educational leaders in returning to their core values; communicate and build trusting relationships with staff members, students, and parents; and recognize their self-worth beyond their role on school campuses.

Lead with Truth is an interactive text that invites you to identify learning objectives and reflect on guided questions throughout the chapters, each of which ends in activities geared to help you make personal connections with the content. This engaging resource is for current and aspiring school leaders who aim to make lifelong impacts and transform their practice, while remaining true to their own beliefs.

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