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Learning that Transfers

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Keywords : Julie Stern, Krista Ferraro, Kayla Duncan, Trevor Aleo

(foreword by John Hattie & Yong Zhao)

inquiry, problem solving, learning


Designing Curriculum for a Changing World

Teach students to use their learning to unlock new situations.

Learning That Transfers empowers teachers and curriculum designers alike to harness the critical concepts of traditional disciplines while building students’ capacity to navigate, interpret, and transfer their learning to solve novel and complex modern problems. Using a backwards design approach, this hands-on guide walks teachers step-by-step through the process of identifying curricular goals, establishing assessment targets, and planning curriculum and instruction that facilitates the transfer of learning to new and challenging situations. Key features include:

  • Thinking prompts to spur reflection and inform curricular planning and design.
  • Next-day strategies that offer tips for practical, immediate action in the classroom.
  • Design steps that outline critical moments in creating curriculum for learning that transfers.
  • Links to case studies, discipline-specific examples, and podcast interviews with educators.
  • A companion website that hosts templates, planning guides, and flexible options for adapting current curriculum documents


It is a pleasure to have a full length treatise on this most important topic, and may this focus on transfer become much more debated, taught, and valued in our schools.” – John Hattie

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