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Love Teaching Keep Teaching

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The essential guide to improving well-being at all levels in schools

A practical guide to staying well in a high-pressure profession. In the midst of a recruitment crisis and a massive exodus of teachers from our schools, now is the time for some joined-up thinking about teacher well-being and mental health. Filled with insightful advice and practical strategies, Peter Radford’s Love Teaching, Keep Teaching invites educators to think differently about the way education is ‘done’ and shows them how they can keep doing the job they love without sacrificing their health and well-being. Furthermore, he paints a picture of a truly ‘healthy school’ as being one in which the value of each staff member and student is fundamental to everything they do and shapes the way they do it. Peter also offers a fresh perspective on school leadership, encouraging leaders to rethink common practices and to explore the rewards and benefits of employing a people-focused approach both in the staffroom and across the school. Suitable for teachers and school leaders in both primary and secondary settings.

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