Mindset Mathematics – Visualising & Investigating Big Ideas Grade 3

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Mindset Mathematics – Visualising & Investigating Big Ideas Grade 3

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Engage students in mathematics using growth mindset techniques

The most challenging parts of teaching mathematics are engaging students and helping them understand the connections between mathematics concepts. In this volume, you’ll find a collection of low floor, high ceiling tasks that will help you do just that, by looking at the big ideas at the third-grade level through visualization, play, and investigation.

During their work with tens of thousands of teachers, authors Jo Boaler, Jen Munson, and Cathy Williams heard the same message??that they want to incorporate more brain science into their math instruction, but they need guidance in the techniques that work best to get across the concepts they needed to teach. So the authors designed?Mindset Mathematics?around the principle of active student engagement, with tasks that reflect the latest brain science on learning. Open, creative, and visual math tasks have been shown to improve student test scores, and more importantly change their relationship with mathematics and start believing in their own potential. The tasks in?Mindset Mathematics?reflect the lessons from brain science that:

  • There is no such thing as a math person – anyone can learn mathematics to high levels.
  • Mistakes, struggle and challenge are the most important times for brain growth.
  • Speed is unimportant in ma
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