Motion Leadership In Action-More Skinny on Becoming Savvy

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Key words: leadership change improvement reform
Michael Fullan


Do your attempts at education reform seem to stall?

In this indispensable sequel to the bestseller Motion Leadership, Michael Fullan shares the strategies, experience, and results of educators who have put motion leadership into practice. This book weaves time-tested theory with new stories of successful educational change from the US, Australia, Canada, UK, and other countries around the world.

Focusing on motivating people, organizations, and systems to bring about reform and maintain momentum, Fullan addresses:

  • Creating and leading movement in the right direction
  • Implementing a ??ready-fire-aim?? mindset
  • Figuring out the ??push, pull, and nudge?? of effective change
  • Establishing relationships while managing resistance
  • Above all, implementing change that increases student learning and closes the gap
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