Niho Taniwha

Niho Taniwha

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Niho Taniwha is a guide for teachers, school leaders and education providers on how to improve teaching and learning for ākonga Māori (Māori students). It aims to help educators make the greatest improvements to the overall quality of the education journey for ākonga Māori in the least amount of time.

Written in plain English, this book explains the Niho Taniwha model where both learner and teacher move through the teaching and learning cycle in four stages: whai, ako, mau and tipu. It supports educators to provide better learning environments and experiences for ākonga Māori.

Dr Melanie Riwai-Couch shifts the parameters of educational success to include all aspects of hauora (health and wellbeing). Niho Taniwha equips educators to incorporate self-esteem, happiness, and awareness of language, identity, and culture into the learning of ākonga Māori.

The book includes:

  • self-assessment tools and reflective questions
  • theory and discussion of good practice
  • Ministry of Education approved content
  • lived experiences of whanau and educators.

Dr Melanie Riwai-Couch has worked for over two decades in the education sector in teacher and pre-service-teacher education, as a tumuaki, as a senior advisor for the Ministry of Education, and for iwi.

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