On the Subject of Values ……. and the Values of Subjects

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On the Subject of Values ……. and the Values of Subjects

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Education is a values-based experience. Consciously or not, we are highly attuned to one another’s values. We see, time and again, that the ‘best’ schools are compelled and propelled by a strong values bedrock through which they create a meaningful context for learning and an aspirational ethos. However, values can be submerged, overlooked, or ignored. By infusing our teaching with values, both explicit and implicit, learning can serve a greater purpose, nourishing us as humans and deepening our experience. Drawing on the views and inspired teaching from a range of practising contributors, this book offers both the theoretical underpinning and practical examples to bring this to life in the classroom. It shows how each subject has a unique and valuable role, and how a values-based culture generates a powerful climate for successful learning in every subject discipline. It is a ‘bedside book’ that will bring joy and practical support to the many professionals who work from the heart and wish to touch the future. It offers validation to those teachers who deeply care about the subject disciplines they teach, ultimately making a difference to children, their lives, and their world. In our current educational context, this work is unashamedly people-orientated, futures-thinking, and forward-facing.

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