Positive School Culture and Effective Leadership

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Positive School Culture and Effective Leadership

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Working Together for Great Results

There is a growing body of research concerning the important role of the school principal in cultivating a positive school culture. School culture influences all happenings in a school and therefore impacts on a school community and on an individual’s behaviour, expectations and interactions with others. It follows that cultivating and sustaining a positive school culture should be one of the highest priorities for all school principals. To improve schools and student learning, you must first focus on the culture of the school.

Based on Australian author Michael Stewart’s groudbreaking PhD thesis, this book explores the journey of a school principal in creating a positive school culture and presents research findings from a case study that explored the cultivation of a positive school culture from the viewpoint of the principal and the various stakeholders within the school. The results from this research indicate that the principal plays a pivotal and crucial role in the cultivation of a positive school culture.

However, the results also demonstrated that the principal cannot do this alone, as many other members of the school community contribute to a school’s culture. The principal’s success in cultivating a school culture was found to depend upon his ability to unite the school community to work together to achieve the school’s goals and vision. Results from the research indicated that the principal needed to use a range of strategies to cultivate and maintain a positive school culture.

The aim for this book is to assist schools in creating positive school cultures. It is designed to provide some assistance for people who wish to make a difference in their own workplace.

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