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Strengthening Instructional Leadership through Shared Learning

Megan Kortlandt, Carly Stone, and Samantha Keesling have developed a flexible structure for collaborative professional learning that they call the principal lab, in which K–12 principals learn with and from each other to become better instructional leaders. Each chapter walks through the foundational components of a successful principal lab—relationship building, anchoring experiences, observations, and feedback—and then discusses how to lay the groundwork, figure out logistics, and plan and structure labs.

Principal Labs: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Through Shared Learning combines the latest research in adult learning with the authors’ practical experience to discuss the qualities of a successful principal lab and provide the tools to build your own. It’s easy to get started with downloadable reflection and observation templates based on the examples in each chapter.

As a school principal you have many responsibilities, and finding time for your own professional development can be a challenge. The approach in this book will help you effectively use your time to connect with other principals, practice and develop feedback skills, and ultimately make informed decisions for instructional improvement in your school.

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