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Pursuing Greatness

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Empowering Teachers to Take Charge of Their Professional Growth

You’ve probably heard that teaching is a journey. So … where are you on yours?

That all depends on which challenges you’re currently facing. Trying to solve them all at once would lead to disorientation and burnout, so where to start? For guidance, join five of America’s leading thinkers, consultants and writers on teaching and learning as they demonstrate the power of self-reflection to achieve ever-deeper insights into your own strengths – and ever-better results from your students.

By organising the most common teacher problems of practice into six pathways, Pete Hall, Alisa Simeral, Bryan Goodwin, Bj Stone and Bess Scott show you how to cover the ground you’ll need to traverse en route to becoming an expert. We’re handing you the reins so you can guide yourself toward:

  • nurturing a positive learning environment
  • challenging students to commit to mastery
  • designing engaging learning
  • motivating with feedback
  • assessing for learning
  • creating dynamic group learning.

Start anywhere in the book, with whichever problem of practice seems most urgent to you right now. Because your starting point is less important than your destination: a student-owned, teacher-guided, empowered classroom. With Pursuing greatness on your side, you’ll get there!

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