Reconnect: Building School Culture for Meaning, Purpose & Belonging

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Reconnect: Building School Culture for Meaning, Purpose & Belonging

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Practical solutions and online training tools to counter the isolation felt by K-12 students in a resource-challenged education system

In Reconnect: Building School Culture for Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging, a team of distinguished educators from Teach Like a Champion and Uncommon Schools deliver practical guidance and concrete advice for teachers, administrators, and community members who seek to dramatically improve the lives of children and young people by fostering a sense of belonging in schools. In the book, you’ll find hands-on solutions to build or rebuild students’ sense of shared work and community in an era of increasing isolation and disconnections.

The authors draw on extensive experience with high-performing schools to show you how to build environments that allow young people to thrive and socialize them to become citizens who seek the well-being of those around them. You’ll also get:

  • Complimentary access to videos and downloadable assets via that can be used both within and outside of the classroom
  • Actionable strategies for countering the increasing isolation of students that has been aggravated by remote learning
  • Useful ways to facilitate positive and beneficial peer-to-peer interactions between students

A can’t-miss resource for K-12 teachers and administrators working in public, private, or charter schools, especially those in underserved communities, Reconnect will also prove a practical guide for parents and community members involved in the education of local children and young people.

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