Sparking Student Motivation

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Sparking Student Motivation

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The Power of Teachers to Rekindle a Love for Learning

Be the change that lights the learning fire.

Facing a classroom of attentive, focused, and ready-to-learn students is a teacher’s dream. Nevertheless, this is not always the reality, and pulling students along when they don’t seem interested is frustrating. Too often, a teacher’s daily experience does not align with the dream.

This book is here to show how you, as a classroom teacher, can generate enthusiasm, confidence, and joy in your students. You can affect motivation and make a difference in their lives. Delve into the what, why, and how by reflecting on your own experiences and unpacking multiple factors that affect motivation. Then, learn how to spark motivation using practical, research-informed strategies that address how to

  • Hone student grouping, rewards, technology, and competition for positive impact
  • Confront and disarm testing conflicts to make assessments a pleasant student experience
  • Examine and empower teacher–student relationships

Read this book and you’ll come away prepared to implement strategies that rekindle a love for learning.

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