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Student Assessment – Better Evidence, Better Decisions Better Learning

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Available term 3 2024

Fuel student-driven success and enhance learning with better assessment

What if there was a better way to collect and interpret assessment data that could strengthen the link between teaching and learning? Student Assessment: Better Evidence, Better Decisions, Better Learning is the innovative guide to show you how it’s done and done right. This unique book offers a new assessment model focused on decision-driven data collection and provides an arsenal of tools for collecting better evidence to increase student learning. You will learn:

  • the importance of assessment in the teaching and learning process
  • what a decision-driven data collection assessment model looks like and how it differs from a more traditional data-driven decision-making model
  • how to effectively establish learning intentions and success criteria within assessments to actively engage students in their own learning
  • how to implement an array of assessment tools that yield better evidence and improve decision-making
  • how to address the challenge of ensuring authenticity in students’ responses when AI-generated content is becoming more common

With this guide in hand, you’ll be ready for a better approach to assessment-armed with practical tools and strategies to ensure students can analyze, synthesize, adapt, critique, and most importantly, take charge of their own learning.

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