Tackling Anxiety in Schools

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Tackling Anxiety in Schools

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Lessons for Children Aged 3 – 13

Anxiety is the biggest mental health problem in children, and research tells us it’s on the rise. Modern life creates many challenges and pressures for them and the Covid-19 pandemic has only added to this growing problem.

Tackling Anxiety in Schools supports all children to get into good habits of recognising their feelings of anxiety, and equips them with a repertoire of coping strategies they can use in their day to day lives.

This book explains how schools can create a safe climate for children and introduces a course of interactive lessons throughout all ages of primary school and the years beyond. It uses evidence-based preventative strategies, which are suitable for the whole class, based on the needs of children at each stage of development. The intervention programmes include lively activities, resources and courses of lessons which emphasise positivity and are engaging and enjoyable for pupils.

With over 55 years’ combined experience teaching and working on mental health issues in schools, the authors of this book have focused on providing practical advice and lesson plans that schools can use directly in the classroom. Being able to recognise and deal with anxiety is a vital skill for good mental health and will benefit children for life. The insightful and structured lessons in Tackling Anxiety in Schools teach children the coping skills they need to develop emotional resilience and thrive.

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