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Teachers Who thrive

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Navigating the Self-Efficacy Career Journey

To thrive is to continually grow and flourish. Thriving in our current educational landscape is exceedingly challenging. Teachers are facing unprecedented demands and expected to do more with less. Why do some teachers thrive throughout their teaching careers while others succumb to the ever-changing pressures of the job? Why do some teachers embrace the challenges in their schools as opportunities while others begin to experience symptoms of burnout in as little as five years? The answer, in large part, is teacher self-efficacy. This book serves as a travel guide for teachers to grow their self-efficacy and thrive. Teachers require different supports and opportunities as they progress through their career. Teachers and those who support teachers can use this book to illuminate their path to ever increasing levels of self-efficacy throughout their career. They will learn about the four domains of teacher self-efficacy including instruction, engagement, classroom community, and self-care efficacy. Furthermore, they will explore the Five Thrive Factors that contribute to self-efficacy development including self-reflection, feedback, collaboration, inclusion, and student relationships. Thriving teachers access all of these factors but the way they employ these factors evolves as they gain experience. They will learn how refining their focus on students and expanding their influence can fuel their self-efficacy development. Readers will personalize their journey by completing two inventories that will provide a Thriving Teacher Profile describing their affinities and skills related to the factors and domains described in the book. All teachers deserve a long and rewarding career. Teachers Who Thrive can help us all realize this goal that is more important than ever.

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