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Teaching is for Superheroes

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This isn’t your average teaching book. With a fun, comic-book-inspired layout, Teaching Is for Superheroes! skips the information overload and gives you practical action steps for igniting enthusiasm in your K-12 classroom and achieving your professional goals. Now more than ever, teachers are in high demand—yet the threat of burnout still looms large. This book will help you keep the spark alive, engaging you in a deeper examination of education by way of entertaining superhero archetypes and tropes. What’s your teaching origin story? Your secret identity? Your powers, weaknesses, nemeses? The teachers-as-superheroes metaphor provides a rich venue through which you can thoughtfully analyze your purpose and pedagogy.

This high quality, eye-catching book offers you an inspirational springboard for practical insight and application in the classroom. You’ll gain ideas for surviving your first year, navigating social media as a teacher, interacting productively with colleagues and parents, using tech in the classroom, prioritizing self-care, harnessing your teacher “superpowers,” and even dressing for teaching success. The school setting may not be as glamorous as the futurist skyscrapers, alien planets, or alternate universes we see in movies and comics, but the adventure is just as exciting—and best of all, it’s real!

  • Gain teaching insights, tips, and advice in an entertaining, superhero-inspired format
  • Identify your teaching superpowers and weaknesses, and learn to lean on others when needed
  • Explore the “universe” of teaching to understand where you fit in and how you can leave your legacy
  • Equip yourself with the gadgets and gizmos you need to sharpen your skills and power up your classroom

Current and future K-12 educators—pick up Teaching Is for Superheroes!, put on your cape, and start saving the world, one class at a time.

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