Tech Like a Pirate

Tech Like a Pirate

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Using Classroom Technology to Create an Experience and Make Learning Memorable

Tech Like a PIRATE helps provide the tools, ideas, and inspiration for educators to use technology as a treasure map to amazing learning. With a customizable set of principles for ensuring that technology is an asset, and not a barrier, Matt Miller’s guidance will help all teachers – from the tech-savvy to the tech-terrified–create impactful, transformative learning using low- or no-cost equipment.

The rise of digital culture has left some teachers and their students distracted, divided, and overwhelmed. But Tech Like a PIRATE brings educators flexible strategies for creating classroom tech experiences that will electrify student engagement. You don’t have to be a tech genius–just willing to try!

Tech Like a PIRATE offers an accessible, engaging, and empowering toolkit for educators looking to innovate and engage their classes through technology. It’s full of practical examples that are rooted in research, best practices, and solid pedagogy, and it’s accompanied by a treasure trove of additional resources at


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