The Evolution of Education

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The Evolution of Education

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Preparing Students for Their Future, Not Our Past

A new vision for learning that prepares our students to succeed in the changing society and workforce of tomorrow.

Today’s students must be equipped with the skills to be competitive in the workforce and society of tomorrow. How can we empower our students to be adaptable, collaborative, and independent so that they may prosper and succeed in this increasingly technological age?

In The Evolution of Education, Willard R. Daggett calls on all who care about the future of our children to renew their commitment to equity and excellence in education. Daggett provides a sustainable framework for developing the success skills that students need to grow, work, and thrive into the future. He shows leaders how all schools can embrace a new vision for learning that will better prepare students for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Discover the tools necessary to support sustainable school transformation and help build a strong workforce and prosperous society in The Evolution of Education. Gain the knowledge you need to work toward school change that builds on the lessons of the past and the historical strength of the American education system. Together, we can instill skills such as creativity, collaboration, adaptability, and time management in our students, empowering them and setting them on course to excel in school, work, and life.

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