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The Noble School Leader

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The Five-Square Approach to Leading Schools with Emotional Intelligence.

A practical guide for school leaders and managers seeking concrete strategies for professional improvement 

Leading a learning community is a challenging endeavor that rewards those who build social-emotional and adaptive leadership competencies. In The Noble School Leader, veteran school leader and leadership coach Matthew Taylor delivers an inspiring and enlightening exploration of the mindsets that support leaders to thrive, as well as those that just get in the way. It is a field guide to creating learning conditions that make transformative growth happen in schools.

In this book, readers will:

  • Uncover the most common internal obstacles that hold all school leaders back, from teacher leaders to superintendents
  • Apply the core domains of emotional intelligence and create personal growth plans using the invaluable 5 Square tool
  • Surface core values and drivers that shift mindsets and behaviors
  • Set goals and plans for challenging leadership moments

Written for school leaders and managers seeking concrete techniques for building social-emotional and adaptive leadership competencies, The Noble School Leader is also an indispensable resource for any K-12 teacher, administrator, or professor with an interest in education and emotional intelligence.

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