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The Primary Behaviour Cookbook

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Key words: behaviour challenge practical classroom
Sue Roffey


Developed in conjunction with practitioners and teachers, The Primary Behaviour Cookbook provides highly effective, practical strategies for responding to and resolving behavioural issues in primary classrooms.

Consisting of over forty ‘recipes’, the book’s unique format enables practitioners to quickly and easily access information and advice on dealing with specific behaviours. Each ‘recipe’ details strategies and interventions for immediate application in the classroom setting, considers possible causes of the given behaviour and offers helpful approaches for responding to the child’s needs in the longer term. From disengagement to impulsivity, attention-seeking, defiance, bullying, anxiety and aggression, the book’s five sections cover a broad spectrum of behaviours falling within five broader categories:

    • Getting things done: supporting positive student engagement and achievement
    • Dealing with disruption: increasing motivation and skills to facilitate learning
    • Social interactions: resolving problematic situations that occur between pupils.
    • Emotional distress: understanding distress and developing coping strategies
    • Behaviours of special concern: recognising behaviours associated with autism, trauma, or abuse.

Underpinned by positive psychology, and emphasizing the importance of constructive relationships, communication, inclusion and child wellbeing, this is an indispensable resource for primary school teachers and assistants, behaviour support consultants, SENDCOs and educational psychologists.

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