The Principal 2.0 : Three Keys to Maximizing Impact

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The Principal 2.0 : Three Keys to Maximizing Impact

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Break out of the traditional, narrow role of principal and transform your school for the better

In 2014 Michael Fullan set his sights on the daily needs of school leaders in his bestselling book The Principal. This updated edition shows how the principal’s role continues to change—alongside our changing world—and how we can embrace the transformation in short order. As crucial in-school influencers of student learning, principals have an opportunity and an obligation to maximize student achievement. But how? In The Principal 2.0, Fullan explains why the answer lies neither in micro-managing instruction nor in autonomous entrepreneurialism. He shows a new way forward that allows principals to expand their roles without overstepping and contribute to the development of the whole school.

Even in difficult times of crisis, there’s room for principals to take action. In The Principal 2.0, Fullan explains how to loosen focus on accountability and instead concentrate on capacity-building; focus less on technology and more on pedagogy; abandon fragmented strategies; and forgo individualistic solutions in favor of collaborative effort.

  • Discover the three key roles that administrators must play in order to have the biggest impact
  • Foster the professional capital of teachers and get more accomplished for all students
  • Find “action items” to help implement this proven program effectively
  • Adopt strategies that have been successfully field-tested in schools across the United States and Canada

Discover why The Principal is a bestseller in educational leadership, and strike out into the future with this new edition, updated for the changing role of today’s principals.

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