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The Principal Reboot

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8 Ways to Revitalize Your School Leadership

Today’s school principals face unprecedented challenges that can overwhelm even the most dedicated among them. What can they do when their initial enthusiasm for the job begins to deflate, when the demands of the job seem to outnumber the rewards? How can they regain the energy that propelled them early in their career?

The Principal Reboot answers these questions with specific advice on how to reignite passion in addressing the many aspects of the principalship, including

  • Defining a school’s values and mission through rebranding;
  • Strengthening relationships with staff, students, and community;
  • Leading renewed efforts to improve instruction;
  • Developing teacher leadership;
  • Using data effectively and innovatively; and
  • Improving operational procedures and processes.

Sharing the wisdom gained from colleagues and her own experience as a principal, author Jen Schwanke offers an engaging, accessible account of the ups and downs of the job, along with helpful, step-by-step suggestions for how to reinvigorate a flagging career and restore the joy that comes with making a school the best that it can be.


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