The Transformative Power of Collaborative Inquiry : Realizing Change in Schools and Classrooms

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Decades of well-intentioned but poorly implemented school reform initiatives have underscored a simple truth: external, accountability measures, in and of themselves are unlikely to improve our schools. ?Moreover, a single book, workshop, or conference is unlikely to have a significant impact on either professional practice or student achievement.

The power to shift practice and improve student achievement lies in the hands of teachers who need to be entrusted with the responsibility of shaping and enacting change initiatives. Teachers as change agents have the potential to transform their classrooms, schools, and communities. They are in the position to make real change happen. Therefore, fostering teacher leadership is not only a viable strategy for school improvement, it is a necessity.

Collaborative inquiry is a powerful design for professional learning that supports the notion of teacher leadership as it recognizes the role of teachers in on-going school improvement. It provides a systematic approach for teachers to explore issues and determine resolutions through shared inquiry, reflection, and dialogue. Rather than being merely consumers of research and the professional knowledge that accompanies it, teachers engaged in collaborative inquiry become producers and disseminators of knowledge.

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