Tilting Education

Tilting Education

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Rebalancing Schools to Create Success That is Kind for Students and Staff

Do you sometimes wonder what you and your school stand for? Have you ever felt that important issues lurk beneath the surface, but you lack the capacity to bring them into focus? Tilting Education will inspire, challenge, and empower those who want to help lead a quiet revolution in schools. The book examines some of the most interesting ideas found in psychology, philosophy, sport, the arts, and economics to raise fundamental questions about what lessons we should want young people to learn and how these lessons could best be taught.

Setting out a model for developing more sustainable and kinder schools, the book focuses on a range of issues such as value and success, effective planning, the sensible use of data, staff training and motivation, communication, diversity, and ethics. Each chapter encourages the reader to think deeply about their priorities for education and provides practical strategies that will motivate staff, reduce workload pressure, and improve learning and teaching.

Imaginative and creative leaders of academic, pastoral, and senior teams will gain insights and tips from Tilting Education to rebalance the perception of educational value in their schools. More than a check list of dos and do nots, this is a book that will change the way you think about your school. It will inspire and support you to make it a better place, which will serve your whole school community with kindness, into the future.

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