Tips for Teachers

Tips for Teachers

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400 + ideas to improve your teaching

On each episode of the Tips for Teachers podcast Craig Barton invites his guest to share five tips they think teachers should know about. Guests so far have included education heavyweights such as Dylan Wiliam, Daisy Christodoulou and Tom Sherrington, as well as talented teachers who are not established names but have so much wisdom to share. The tips cover all aspects of teaching, from planning lessons to well-being, calling in at routines, modelling and retrieval practice along the way. This book is Craig’s attempt to weave hundreds of tips into a coherent narrative, and present them in such a way that you can use them the very next time you step inside a classroom. You will find twenty-one ideas to improve your Low-Stakes Quizzes, twenty-one ideas to enhance mini-whiteboard use, thirteen ideas to make Silent Teacher effective, eight ideas to help you observe student work with a purpose, and lots, lots more. Whatever your level of experience, subject or phase, there are plenty of ideas inside to help take your teaching to the next level.

Book structure :

Chapter 1: How to use this book

Chapter 2: Habits and routines

Chapter 3: The means of participation

Chapter 4: Checking for understanding

Chapter 5: Responsive teaching

Chapter 6: Planning

Chapter 7: Prior knowledge

Chapter 8: Explanations, modelling and worked examples

Chapter 9: Student practice

Chapter 10: Memory and retrieval

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