Tricky Kids

Tricky Kids

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Andrew Fuller
Curriculum Press


Every day, many parents and teachers struggle with challenging (and lovable) children who have wilful personalities. These are often kids who are stubborn, defiant, determined, free-spirited or just plain difficult. Yet while they may be hard work, they are often the movers and shakers of the future. Many of history’s great achievers, political leaders and national figures were forceful children. How can parents and teachers learn to manage these kids, and help them to change and develop the positive life habits – including an awareness of others, dealing with anger, staying focused and forming true friendships – that they sorely need? For over 25 years, clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller’s work has involved discussions with hundreds of thousands of parents and their children from infancy to adolescence. In Tricky Kids he explains how to view the stages of these children’s development and so understand their moods. In this book he helps parents who and teachers recognise the needs of children who are the manipulators, the negotiators, the debaters, the competitors, the dare devils and the passive resisters of the this world. He shows how parents can create change in the family and how teachers can create change in the classroom (so that these children do not dominate). Parents may have to live with their one headstrong child, but teachers often face dozens of them every day! So, to assist them, Andrew Fuller has also included a special supplement focusing on their particular needs.

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