Unlocking Student Talent : The New Science of Developing Expertise

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Robin Fogarty/Gene M Kerns/Brian Pete
Hawker Brownlow Education


How do we truly help students achieve their fullest potential?
What are the roles of motivation, deliberate practice, and coaching in developing talent and abilities in students?

This hands-on guide examines each of these elements in detail providing definitions, relevant research, discussions, examples, and practical steps to take with students in elementary, middle, and high school. The authors examine cutting-edge research on world-class performance and distill information specifically for educators. Offering guidelines to help teachers spot and encourage students’ exceptional aptitudes, passionate interests, and special strengths, they show concretely how to promote greater motivation for learning and success.

This foundational book infuses new ideas into established teaching.

User-friendly chapters include thought-provoking insights, vignettes of how notable talents were developed, teaching and learning tips, grade-level examples, and discussion questions.

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