When You’re The Adult in the Room

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When You’re The Adult in the Room

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Teaching the lesson is the easy bit. The hard bit is dealing with the confusing behaviours and emotions that can disrupt the classroom, sabotage lesson plans, and steal the joy and energy of even the most optimistic teacher. The challenges are numerous and varied: the unmotivated student who avoids the work; the provocative student who repeatedly disrupts the class and defies authority; the disappointed student who complains and waits to be saved from their discomfort. Dr Andrew Wake is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, and for almost two decades he has worked with education staff to understand and better deal with the behavioural and emotional challenges that arise in a school setting. This book is a distillation of two decades of that work, with the aim to improve both student and teacher well-being. Using attachment theories, grief and disappointment concepts, neuro- science insights, and moral development ideas, he provides a variety of simple strategies that work to deal with unwanted events and help to change unwanted patterns. With easy-to-understand language, simple to remember approaches, and examples from real classrooms, When Youâre the Adult in the Room is essential reading for all new teachers, and will benefit experienced educators who want to add to their understanding and confidence when dealing with the emotions and behaviours they encounter in their daily work.

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