Pete Hall
Pete Hall

Pete Hall is an author, speaker, consultant, motivational Coach* Former Teacher and School Administrator.
He is a capacity-builder. Driven to impact others’ lives in a profoundly positive way, he channels his experiences as a school principal, life coach, and small-business owner into manageable lessons for continuous growth, personal improvement, and positive mindset.
Tenacious, courageous, and incorruptible, Pete shares his optimism, joy, and practical application of strategies for getting the most out of yourself – as a leader, a contributor, a teammate, and a human being, no matter what your role(s) and goal(s) might be.
With a down-to-earth personality and humorous anecdotes, he weaves tactical work/life approaches and clear mental shifts into every nook and cranny of his interactions with others.

Implementing Strategies With Savvy 

Session 1; Implementing initiatives with strategy, savvy, and sustainability 

Why do so many great ideas go unfulfilled? Why is there such a persistent gap between theory and practice? Why is it so challenging to get our people “on board” with best practices and smart initiatives? Join former school principal and leadership expert Pete Hall as we unpack the critical keys to launching and leading initiatives that stick around…and impact our students in a profoundly positive way. Learn about the learning needs our people bring to the table and how to address them. Discuss the elements necessary to garner the level of commitment you’re looking for. Investigate the process of change and growth, proactively prepping our team for the obstacles we’re bound to face. Envision a better, more efficient, more effective future…then make it happen. Bring a g

Session 2: Addressing Performance Concerns with Strategy and Savvy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every teacher and staff member did everything perfectly…the first time? Wouldn’t it be grand if no one ever made a mistake? Wouldn’t it be lovely if 100% of our students mastered 100% of the standards? Well, yeah, and…sometimes folks slip up. Sometimes the work isn’t up to par. Sometimes we need to draw the line. In this session, discuss the dos and don’ts of handling performance concerns with Pete Hall, former award-winning principal and author of “The Instructional Leader’s Most Difficult Job.” Let’s focus on building capacity, strengthening trust, setting high standards, providing rich support, and enhancing growth all around – even when things aren’t going so well. Participants will learn a proven approach, practice using specific language, and engage with case studies to prepare themselves to handle performance concerns with strategy and savvy

Session 3: Surviving and thriving in the principal’s office

The single most influential position in education today is the school principal. Not coincidentally, the principalship is a breeding ground for stress, demands, exhaustion, and self-doubt. Let award-winning former principal and best-selling author Pete Hall offer the strategies and advice that will turn your principalship into a hub of energy, optimism, strength, and confidence. Gather research on the characteristics and dispositions that effective leaders share, learn approaches that garner commitment throughout the organization, pick up time management strategies for leaders, and collect methods for influencing, inspiring, and impacting others. Pete’s down-to-earth presentation style, sense of humor, and from-the-trenches information will motivate newer and aspiring leaders, and will also resonate with the most experienced principals. Intended audience: Principals (new, experienced, and aspiring), assistant principals, and other school/district leaders.