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AI For School Teachers

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Keywords : Rose Luckin, Karine George, Mutlu Cukurova

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AI for Everything

What is artificial intelligence? Can I realistically use it in my school? What’s best done by human intelligence vs. artificial intelligence, and how do I bring these strengths together? What would it look like for me, and my school, to be AI Ready?

AI for School Teachers will help teachers and headteachers understand enough about AI to build a strategy for how it can be used in their school. Examining the needs of schools to ensure they are ready to leverage the power of AI and drawing examples from early years to high school students, this book outlines the educational implications and benefits that AI brings to school education in practical ways. It develops an understanding of what AI is and isn’t and how we define and measure what we value and provides a framework which supports a step-by-step approach to developing an AI mindset, focusing on ways to improve educational opportunities for students with evidence-informed interventions.

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