Be the ONE for Kids

Be the ONE for Kids

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You Have the Power to Change the Life of a Child

One person can make a difference. That person can be you.

“I want to show others that one person can make the difference in a child’s life. I want all educators, parents, coaches, and everyone in between to know they have power to Be the One for Kids.”

–Ryan Sheehy

If you ever feel like you’re all alone or think that no one gets you, just imagine how your students feel. Kids want what we all want: Someone to care, someone to be there for them, someone to stand up for them, cheer for them, laugh with them and, sometimes, wipe away their tears.

Yes, students need our guidance to succeed academically. But they also need our help to survive and thrive in today’s turbulent world. They need someone–they need you–to model the attributes that will help them win not just in school but in life as well. That’s what it means to be the one for kids.

“Be the One for Kids is a wonderful, inspiring collection of experiences and practical opportunities that remind us to do what’s right each and every day for kids. Join the movement, and be the one!”

–Hamish Brewer, the relentless principal

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