Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most

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Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most

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Key words: collaborative Leadership team work
Peter DeWitt


The book is framed around John Hattie’s key, highest influences based on Peter DeWitt’s experience as a school leader: Collaboration, Assessment-capable learners, Micro-Teaching, Feedback, Teaching strategies, Professional Development, Parental Involvement, Principals/School Leaders, and Providing Formative Evaluation.  6 key factors are emphasized.

Features and Benefits:

*Focuses on Collaborative Leadership and explains why collaborative leadership (either on its own or in conjunction with transformation and instructional leadership)   is preferable to other types of leadership in isolation
*Highlights six of John Hattie’s influences that foster collaborative leadership so that leaders can place a laser-like focus on these few influences rather than being      overwhelmed by the many
*Draws on the excellent work and research of great educational thinkers such as Hattie, Quaglia, Knight, and Robinson
*Helps leaders understand why some teachers may not be as invested as they could be, and the research behind collective teacher efficacy to get those teachers    more engaged