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Building Learning Power

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Key words: building learner power
Prof.Guy Claxton


International research into the way the mind works shows that we are all capable of becoming better learners. Building Learning Power applies this research directly to the work of teachers in classrooms and provides a practical framework to help foster lifelong learning in all young people. The key topics covered in the book are: • How and when we learn best • Why we need to focus on the new ‘four R’s’ – resilience, resourcefulness, reflection and reciprocity – as the key to successful lifelong learning • How teachers can lead others’ learning by seeing themselves as learning coaches rather than merely purveyors of knowledge • How Building Learning Power can combat the problems of disaffection, disengagement and disenchantment – and increase achievement in tests and examinations • The skills and understanding teachers need to help young people become better learners • How Building Learning Power can be practically applied in schools and colleges. To prosper in the learning age, we must all learn to embrace uncertainty with robust self-confidence and approach the future with curiosity and optimism. Building Learning Power provides a clear direction for this exciting journey.

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