Murray Gadd’s long awaited second book is nearly here – taking orders now – hopefully available early 2024………..

Murray has written this book to help you – the teachers of Year 4 to 8 students – engage and motivate your students more as writers and ultimately to lift progress and achievement by them.  As such, it is as much about teaching students of this age group how to be writers rather than just teaching them how to write.  Whatever our beliefs and approaches, the joy of literacy must be promoted in our middle and senior primary classrooms if we are to make a difference for our students.

He presents this book to the teaching community as a continuation of my work to help teachers address disengagement and under-achievement by their older primary students in writing.

“The teacher is at the heart of this book as it is about what s/he can do to make a difference for our Year 4 to 8 students.”

price & availability subject to change