They’re Not Bringing My Brain Out 4th Edition

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They’re Not Bringing My Brain Out 4th Edition

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Understanding and Working with Gifted Learners

Have you ever wondered…

  • how to cope with a very bright child when you’ve got 30 other children in the class?
  • what to do now you’re in charge of the gifted programme?
  • what giftedness really is, and what it means?

The Holistic Descriptor of Giftedness – a definition for the 21st century, recognising the impact of giftedness on the whole person from infancy to adulthood, providing a deep and satisfying approach to working with gifted learners.

Based on this far-reaching approach, this book:

  • sets out five key concepts to help you recognise and meet the needs of gifted learners at every level of schooling (the REACH model)
  • includes a wealth of thoroughly practical teaching strategies to implement the model, with loads of high-interest examples drawn from work by teachers just like you and from gifted learners just like those you know
  • introduces a special three-question conceptual lesson-planning tool to bring all these strategies into highly effective and exciting units of work
  • covers a wide range of supporting topics such as identification, parent perspectives, cultural differences, acceleration, grouping, giftedness with other special needs, and more.

This book is written for everyone who lives or works with a gifted young person – classroom teachers, gifted programme coordinators, parents, special needs teachers, counsellors and home-schooling families.


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