Technology Education in NZ – A Guide for Teachers

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Technology Education in NZ – A Guide for Teachers

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Keywords: Wendy Fox-Turnbull/Elizabeth Reinsfield/Alistair Michael Forret

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Zealand’s story of technology education in the 21st century and will assist teachers and teacher educators in developing technology education programmes. It explores the philosophy of and rationale for technology education and the relevant theory underpinning technology education. The background to recent changes to the technology curriculum are outlined and aspects of Technology in The New Zealand Curriculum are explored, including sections on the technological areas, strands and components of technology. The process of planning a unit of work is explained thoroughly and modelled to assist teachers who are new to teaching technology in New Zealand. The authors take a unique, dual narrative approach to explore two students’ journeys through their technology education. This is complemented by teachers’ commentary, making explicit links to teacher thinking and theory, and explaining planned student practice. Wholly dedicated to the New Zealand context, this is essential reading for preservice and qualified teachers alike.

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