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Teaching Reading Comprehension The What, The How, The Why

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Key words: teaching reading comprehension literacy assessment curriculum
Susan Dymock/Tom Nicholson


Teaching Reading Comprehension presents strategies that teachers can understand and teach. The strategies are simple, flexible and fun. This book incorporates the CORE research-based model of instruction for teaching comprehension strategies. This model brings together the High 5! comprehension strategies that every student can use:

  • activating background knowledge;
  • questioning;
  • analysing text structure;
  • creating mental images;
  • and summarising.

The book also discusses the importance of inference and the understanding of figurative language in reading comprehension. Teaching Reading Comprehension aligns material to the National Standards. It also provides information on assessment of comprehension, what the research says, and explains how teachers can do this in their classrooms. Detailed lesson plans are provided using articles and stories used in the standards and progressions from the Ready to Read series and School Journals. The book includes a CD-Rom of the texts and lesson plans for easy display or printing.

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