Changing Perceptions : Deciphering the language of behaviour

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Changing Perceptions : Deciphering the language of behaviour

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Provides everyone working with children a better understanding of the causes of challenging behaviour and what motivates it. This timely book moves the dial on the perception of challenging behaviour in schools. De-escalation is important but it is only part of the process: if we really want to change behaviour we have to understand it. The causes of poor behaviour are many and varied: fear, stress, anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed can all take their toll. Changing Perceptions details ways in which better understanding and empathy can make children feel safer, build their trust, develop belonging and consequently create more effective learners. Empathy is the master key to unlocking the most challenging pupils.

When we consistently respond to children with empathy and compassion, we don’t just put a sticking plaster over a problem, we change their experiences: how they feel and how they behave long term. Importantly, the approach also greatly improves staff wellbeing because teachers perceive behaviour differently.

In this book, Graham sets out why it is so important to teach behaviour and provides practical ways to deal with the most challenging situations in the classroom and stop the conflict spiral. He also covers the importance of validating feelings, building self-esteem, improving emotional resilience, raising expectations, fostering positive values and much more.

Features and benefits:

• Examines the motives behind challenging behaviour

• Details ways in which situations can be managed calmly and consistently

• Explores the consequences of poor behaviour for all involved

• Shows schools how to improve staff well-being by increasing understanding of challenging behaviour and changing how it is perceived

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